What To Pack For A Summer Getaway

What To Pack For A Summer GetawayWhat should I pack for my trip?
What will I need?
Should I bring options?
Oh whatever, I’ll just bring it all!

This is definitely the conversation I have with myself before any (and every) trip we go on… My poor husband has to deal with me trying on outfits weeks before and asking him a million questions. And no matter what I do, I will always over-pack – though I would rather have options than to realize I have nothing left to choose from.

This is why I put together some of my staples for what to pack for a summer getaway (somewhere warm); this way, you can get ideas that might help your packing go a little easier. If you aren’t going anywhere you might just want a couple of ideas for cute summer outfits 🙂

Living in Florida, the summers can be pretty brutal and if you’re going somewhere tropical for a vacation you want to have cute, comfortable and affordable outfits. From my previous fashion post, I try to have a lot of basics and mix them in with a few trendy items. Do that and you should be all set!

Look Good Feel Good

The last year has been quite a journey: changing my ways when it comes to eating, exercising and my overall self. I really feel proud of the steps I have taken and realized that I am a flawed person – and that’s ok… To me it’s about recognizing the problems I see in myself inside and out and what steps I’m going to take to work on those things.

I decided to take action and stop the excuses preventing me from getting what I want. It’s a process for sure, but like I’ve said in the past – it’s all about enjoying the process and know that you’re taking the right steps to get there.

One of my goals was to get myself healthy and more active, and even though I haven’t reached my ultimate goals, I have hit so many accomplishments along the way! With changing my lifestyle and starting an effective workout program, everything has changed and shifted for the good.

Take time for yourself and make your life what you want it to be!

Being healthy and happy are two very important things to me and setting these goals for yourself will really make getting ready for these summer getaways (or any vacation) so much more rewarding. When you start packing or going shopping for those vacation clothes the excitement and sense of accomplishment really takes over!

So all that said, here are just a few of my favorite summer outfits! Don’t mind the “background” of my pics either – my photographer (husband, haha) was out for the day so I had to work with what I had 🙂

1.) The Classic Sundress

What To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Blue Dress, Sandals (similar), and Clutch (similar).

The sundress is an absolute must… Whether you throw it on for a day of sightseeing, roll it up and put in your beach bag, or dress up at night time for dinner, it is a no-fail. I found this one at Target (gotta shop at Target!) and I love it. The color, the fit and – of course – the price were perfect!

As you can tell from many of my pictures, I tend to switch out the same accessories. My coach clutch is one I’ve had for years and I love it since it goes with so much.

Don’t get me wrong – I love accessories, but sometimes it’s great to have universal and classic pieces that you can pair with different outfits so you don’t feel feel like you have to buy different accessories for each outfit. That can get a little crazy, lol.

2.) Tropical PrintsWhat To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Tropical Floral Top, Grey Skinny Jeans, Sandals (similar), Clutch (similar).

I love a great tropical print! This top just screams “tropical getaway”!

It’s also always a great idea to pack at least one pair of long pants. I went with my grey skinny pants, which I threw on with this top maybe for cocktails and dinner, though you could pair this top with a cute pair of shorts and sandals.

Again, I have it accessorized with my ivory clutch and sandals. Another great reason for not having too many different accessories for each outfits: you don’t have to pack as much (and shoes and handbags can take up quite a bit of room).

3.) A Little Pop of ColorWhat To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Top (similar), White Cut-Offs, and Sandals (similar).

A little pop of color can really change up a look; paired with a great pair of white cutoffs and you’re ready for a cocktail!

I love this top… It’s a great color and it’s so flowy and comfortable, great for when it is super hot and you still want to look good but don’t want anything uncomfortable or clinging to you.

These white cut-offs are great to throw in the suitcase because you can pair them with so much! Plus, after a couple days in the sun those white shorts will really show off that tan 🙂

4.) JumpsuitWhat To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Jumpsuit, Sandals, and Fedora.

The very trendy jumpsuit…

I was a little hesitant about this purchase because the jumpsuit is very much like a romper, where depending on the fit it can be adorable or really bad, haha.

I had my eye on this one on forever21.com and finally went for it – and am so glad that I did. I really prefer to buy most of my clothes at the store but this one was a great find: very soft, comfortable and flattering.

It’s the perfect companion to a beach vacation as well… You can just slip this on over your swimsuit, throw on a hat and head up to the bar for lunch.

5.) Denim (Girls Day Out)What To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Dress (similar), Necklace (similar),  and Shoes.

This dress was such an amazing find! It has a denim look but is super lightweight (with a fitted top that’s very flattering).

An option like this doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase and paired with a great statement necklace you have a great brunch outfit, maybe lunch out with girls. You can also dress this down, lose the necklace and pair it with sandals or perhaps a lightweight scarf.

6.) Lace ShortsWhat To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfits: Shorts, Tank Top, and Flip Flops.

Can I tell you how much I’m in love with these shorts? Not only are they trendy, but they are so incredibly comfortable… Throw them on with a tank top and you’re ready to go.

I paired mine with a basic black tank and my go-to flip-flops that I probably have in every color, haha.

Low maintenance, but still very cute!

7.) Shift Dress (Date Night)What To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Dress (similar) and Nude Heels.

Whether you’re on a trip with your girls or out your guy, you need a great “going out” dress…

This dress is special to me; I got this for the night of our wedding where we did a family and friends dinner, and this dress worked perfectly. It’s the perfect amount of feminine, sexy and comfortable.

I paired mine with my favorite nude strappy heels and was ready to go!

This style dress is perfect for tropical weather as well. It’s not fitted but will still give you a phenomenal look without being hot and constricting.

8.) Don’t Forget the Hoodie (Sunsets and Chilly Nights)What To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Hoodie and Shorts

I actually just picked up this hoodie a few days ago from the Ron Jon Surf Shop – which you HAVE to check out if you’re ever visiting Cocoa Beach.

A hoodie or lightweight sweater is a must. Depending on where you’re vacationing, you’ll have those few nights where the weather can really drop.

When that happens, you’ll want to have something comfortable – and of course cute – to throw on! Even to just have for the those cold hotels/resorts at night time when you’re just hanging in the room, you don’t want to not have something or you might be miserable.

Fortunately, anywhere you go there will most likely be shopping or a gift shop with hoodies in case you forget to pack one. I tend to throw mine in my carry-on since planes are usually cold, but also so it’s not taking up any room in my suitcase.

9.) Beach Cover-UpWhat To Pack For A Summer Getaway

Outfit: Striped Romper and Orange Cover-up (similar).

Last but not least, you need to have a swimsuit cover up, and in this case, maybe two! I got the orange one from Target (of course) and the striped one was actually a Pinterest purchase – crazy, right?

These styles are both great options; the orange one is light and comfortable, and the striped one can double as a swimsuit cover-up and a romper.

You can be sitting down at the beach, slip on the romper and go to lunch or out around town.

Final Thoughts

Hope that these suggestions were helpful and will make packing a lot easier now that you have some different ideas!

I’d love to hear from you and see some of your favorite summer outfits for everyday or your trip… Feel free to share!


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