My First Ipsy Bag!

My First Ipsy Bag! - Cooking Up Happiness

I’ve heard about Ipsy so much from my friends and online, and after debating for quite a while…

I just recently (finally) took the plunge! Lol.

And I’m so happy that I did! I’m all about beauty products – from mascara to hair oils, facial masks to nail polish (and everything in between).

After all, there’s been several times where I’ve went to Sephora or Ulta and got so overwhelmed because there are so many different products. How do you pick one?

The other problem is that if you DO buy something, it’s usually not inexpensive and you walk away with something you may love or hate.

Enter Ipsy, the answer to all your troubles: perfect for the girly girl, an edgy chick, or even for those who like the “natural” look!

First thing when signing up you go through a series of questions:

  • What color are your eyes/hair?
  • What kind of products do you like? (ex. foundations, mascaras, hair products.. and guess what you can choose all of them!)
  • What is your style? ( ex. edgy, classic, natural, bohemian… and again you can choose them all!)

Note: These are just a few questions they bring you through so it is extremely customized to your wants and needs. And at any point you can go back into your account and uncheck boxes if you don’t want something sent to you anymore.

I signed up for mine in the middle to end of July and received my first bag mid August.

When I received it, it came in a cute hot pink envelope and then opened it up to find this cute little black, white and hot pink bag! (I’ve already used it for other things, like putting my phone in it to bring to the beach last week!)

My First Ipsy Bag!

Here’s what was inside:

Marc AnthonyNourishing Argan Oil of Morocco
JuaraTumeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask
TarteEnergy Lip Gloss
OFRALipliner in Wine
Starlooks ProLuxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen 

* Some products are smaller and some are full size products.

I have to tell you… I’ve tried all of the products except for the lip-liner (just cause I don’t wear lip-liner, or even lipstick really)… But other than that, I’ve tried them and are using them everyday now!

My Favorites From This Month:

Argan Oil – The size of the Argan Oil is awesome and since a little goes a long way, it will last me for months! It’s also a very light oil so it doesn’t weigh down my hair at all.

Tarte Lip Gloss– The lip gloss is now my go-to for everyday… It is just the right amount of color, but still light enough to not look overdone (since I don’t wear much on my lips this was definitely a winner!).

Eyeliner – If anyone knows me, they know I love my eyeliner! I don’t do much eyeshadow, but I will most likely have eyeliner on. This is a great product! I can’t say enough about it; it is long lasting, very bold and is easy to use. I tend to use a pencil for everyday for a softer look, but if we go out at night I fill in with this pen and make a little more of a dramatic “cat eye” – and it just pops! Just amazing… Will definitely purchase it once I run out!

My First Ipsy Bag!

Overall I absolutely loved my first Ipsy bag… and for $10 a month it is so worth it!

If you are into makeup – or just someone that wants to experiment and try some new products – I would totally recommend giving Ipsy a try. It’s so customizable so you will never be disappointed and you’ll get more than what you pay for 🙂


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