How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans (Even On A Budget)

5waysBoyfriend jeans. We all know them. We’ve all thought about them, and wondered… “Do I, or don’t I? Are they even worth it?”

I’ve wanted to do a post on this for a while now…Because you see, this pair that I’m wearing in the picture above have actually been in my closet for over a year now… (I know, crazy!)

But honestly, before I would have said “eh”… I could take them or leave them.

After all, there are a couple issues I ran into with boyfriends jeans…

Initially, it was finding the right style and fit. This is a tough one because you want to find a pant that has a relaxed look, but still some structure to them. You want them to still give you a nice shape, yet not look like they are just hanging off of you!

When I found mine, I absolutely fell in love them. They are from American Eagle, and what I love most about them is that they are soft, comfortable and have a great shape.

What I ran into next which – I’m sure you have as well – is how to wear boyfriend jeans (which is probably why they sat in my closet for a year).

So I took the time to really go through my closet and piece things together, and I’m so happy I did… I’m now a lover of the boyfriend pant!

In any post that I put up about fashion, my goal is to share the things I love with you. They may not be the latest trends or the newest designs (most of my clothes I’ve had for years), but you don’t need the newest and most expensive cloths to look and feel good!

Yes, I still love to go shopping and get a few things now and again (I mean, what girl doesn’t!), but take what you have and work with it!

You will be surprised to see that you can make something you’ve have for years look stylish and trendy!

1.) Classic

look1This look is one of my favorites! It reminds me of something “Emily Thorne” – played by actress Emily Van Camp, one of my style icons – would wear in the show Revenge. (Side note – if you don’t watch Revenge, it’s amazing and she wears some really stylish clothes).

What I love about this look is that it gives the jeans a classy look, something I didn’t think you could really do with boyfriend jeans – especially ones that are “worn”.

All you need for this look is a tan long tank and a lightweight blazer. I went and added a few accessories as well, as pictured below. I don’t have too many accessories, but the ones I do have go with nearly all of outfits and just add “a little something”. Add a pair of tan pumps or even a pair of tan strappy heels to complete the look.

DSCN1991(Featured above: 1. Blazer / 2. Tan Tank / 3. Nude pumps / 4. Coach clutch (similar: Express and Charming Charlie) / 5. Jewelry, Bracelet and Earrings)

2.) Edgy

look5Girls night out! This is a great look for that and gives you just a little edginess. I paired my jeans with a black flowing tank (something I’m sure every girl has in her closet), a leather jacket and a great pair of strappy gladiator heels (thanks to my best friend Ariel for convincing me to buy them).

For the accessories you just need a little bold and sparkly earring, maybe a few bracelets and your outfit is complete.

It’s great to throw these looks together and that they are layered. With spring coming, it’s nice to have a jacket on hand, but when it gets hot (maybe after some dancing with the girls), you have an awesome black top underneath!

DSCN2006 (Featured above: 1. Leather jacket / 2. Black Tank, Forever 21 / 3. Black Strappy Heels, Similar heels: here and here / 4. Black clutch : H&M, Express)

3.)  Comfy and Casual

look3I love scarves! I pretty much live in them, even though I live in Florida… Now you know thats why the make the lightweight ones, haha. I found this scarf at World Market and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

World Market is pretty much the best place ever. I mean, what other place do you know of where you can get an awesome scarf, maybe a bracelet, a great bottle of wine, veggie chips… The list goes on and on, so case in point – it’s pretty much the perfect place!

Anyway, this outfit was super easy to put together: I had a flowy black top that I threw on, added the scarf, comfy sandals and some bracelets and I was ready to go…

DSCN1994(Featured above: 1. Black top / 2. Infinity Scarf / 3. Sandals / 4. Bracelets)

4.) Lace and Sparkle

look2There is nothing like a good sparkly shoe and some lace! This is another one of my favorites – it’s very feminine, but fun at the same time.

As you can see from many of the pics here, I have a lot of neutrals. You could change these looks up with color and pattern, but I’ve always gone with neutrals because I can wear them with more. That said, I do love color and pattern (and you will see that more once spring and summer hit)!

I love a great sparkly shoe… I got these at Nordstrom Rack (I believe they were around $30 – I’m always looking for a deal!). I love the chunky jewels on them and how they add the perfect touch to this feminine look, with a little bit of edge.

You could also go a little more simple and elegant by adding a shoe like this. (I’ve had my eye on those for a while actually… Can’t wait for them to be in stock!)

DSCN2001(Featured above: 1. Ivory lace top, Target. Similar tops: Target, Forever 21, H&M / 2. Black heels, Nine West and Nordstrom Rack, Similar shoes: Charlotte Russe, Target, and Famous Footwear / 3. Black Clutch, Similar bags: Target and H&M / 4. Bracelets, Similar: Express and Target / 5. Crystal Drop Earrings, I Crave Jewels / 6. Aviators, Target)

5.) Simple

look4The black tee and jeans is a classic look! I upped this look a little by pairing my jeans with a 3/4 sleeve tee from Forever 21. You can’t see it in the picture, but the back of the shirt has a low scoop. I love it because it takes a classic shirt and makes it a little unique.

No, I’m not “21” anymore, but who cares! I love that store… Sure it can be hit or miss, but you can find very affordable pieces. They may not last as long, but some of those trendy pieces go out of style anyways, so why spend the big bucks on them?

(I’d rather spend more money on a great pair of jeans, maybe an amazing black pump, or a classic trench coat – pieces that will always be in style no matter what.)

This is a great casual and simple look that you can throw together in no time! It takes little to no effort at all, but you’ll look put together and let’s not forget: boyfriend jeans are super comfy, so that’s a bonus!

DSCN2002(Featured above: 1. Black tee, Forever 21 / 2. Bag, Fossil (I got mine from TJ MAX) / 3. Sandals, Target / 4. Aviators, Target / 5. Monogram Necklace)

What are your thoughts?

Do you have any favorite outfits or your own tips on how to wear boyfriend jeans?


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