Disney World’s Epcot: Spice Road Table Review & Photos

epcot spice road table review

If you didn’t know this about me (though I don’t know how you couldn’t), I love Disney. I know… Surprise surprise! 🙂

From time to time I really like to write a post on Disney, whether it’s about an event going on in one of the Disney World parks or a review of a Disney restaurant we try out – honestly, I’m all about anything Disney-related.

For this post today I wanted to share a little gem that I found in Epcot’s World Showcase at the Morocco pavilion area called the Spice Road Table.

Maybe you already know of it, but if not… Prepare to start salivating.


If you’ve never visited Epcot, then just to fill you in real quick: there are two different sections to the Epcot theme park, Future World and the World Showcase.

Future World is the whole “front” section of Epcot (with the trademark ball) and attractions, while World Showcase is the whole “back” section of Epcot where you’ll find 11 different counties sharing their culture and cuisine. It’s pretty darn awesome! (It’s our second favorite out of the four parks to go to, next to Magic Kingdom.)

What to Expect:

So… back to Spice Road Table! We’ve walked by this restaurant countless times and it has such a charming little patio right on the water in the World Showcase. We’ve always said that we will try it at some point. Well, I went for a girl’s day a month or so ago and we finally got to try it!

I will first start off by saying we had no reservation and it was a Saturday – but despite that, were able to walk in and get seated right away!

(If you go to Disney often – particularly around lunch time on weekends – you know that’s a rarity, so that was great.)

We were seated outside on the cute patio (sorry I don’ have any pictures of that) and were immediately greeted by our server, who was super helpful. Right off the bat, the menu is very authentic to the culture and our server was very helpful with explaining all the different dishes.

She was also able to find us drinks based on what we like… For example my friend really loves lighter beers (like Miller Lite and Bud Light) so our server was able to find her a Moroccan beer (which they have about 7 to choose from) that would be to her liking.

For me, I wanted to try one of their mixed drinks and the server suggested a drink – I can’t remember the name of it, but this it what it looks like:


Needless to say, it was delicious!

Now when it came to the food there is a lot to choose from and most of it is small plates (“tapas” style), which was perfect for us since we just wanted to share them and have some appetizer-sized plates!

They also have a few entrees and desserts to choose from as well, which you can check out here!

Spice Road Table: The Food

Mediterranean Vegetable Platter


Pictured: (starting from the far left, moving counterclockwise) baba ghanoush, hummus fries, warm pita, rice stuffed grape leaves, and couscous in the center.

We ended up trying the Mediterranean vegetable platter, which despite the name is actually an entree. It came with harissa hummus fries (OMG those were my favorite!), rice-stuffed grape leaves, mixed olives, and baba ghanoush with warm pitas.

Everything on this plate was amazing – but here’s a tip from the server that I MUST pass on: the platter only comes with three hummus fries – essentially fried sticks of hummus (however they do that, lol). But… They’re so good that you’ll want to order a side of the hummus fries.

So glad that we did because those were definitely our favorite!

Hummus and Imported Olives & Spicy Garlic Shrimp


Pictured: roasted red pepper hummus, olives, traditional hummus, warmed pitas, and spicy garlic shrimp to the left of the platter.

Lamb Sliders on Brioche Buns with Cucumber Dill and Mint Tzatziki Sauce


pictured: lamb sliders with hummus fries

Spice Road Table: The Ambiance

Not only was the food and the service great, but the ambiance was just perfect outside… There are two seating areas, an outside patio and – as I just recently learned – an inside dining area.

The outside patio is a shaded area with fans throughout, which makes a huge difference on those hot Florida days. It also helps when you have views like this around the World Showcase…


The first time I went on the girl’s day, we sat outside on the patio. But just this past weekend, my husband Tom and I went and this time they seated us inside in the dining area… And thank God they did! But back to that in just a second.

Even though we were 30 minutes late for our lunch reservation (we were on a ride and had to walk across the park to get there), they sat us right away no problem.

So we get to the restaurant and I think we’re going to be sitting outside, and they veered off to the left when you get in the place and took us into a air-conditioned inside dining area…

I guess I’m not very observant, since I always thought it was just a bar over on the left, haha. Here’s what it looks like inside:


The inside here is definitely a great little date place! It has some tables in the middle of the room, cozy booths up against the wall and then some tables right in front of the windows that look right out onto the water…. which is where they do the fireworks!

Insider Tip: If you make a later dinner reservation, you have a private, front-row, air-conditioned viewing of the fireworks in Epcot!

AH! Seriously such a great idea… We will definitely be doing this! Especially one those really hot days instead of trying to get a good spot for fireworks outside and having to stand there 30 minutes prior to the show just to hold your spot!

Make a reservation here in the air conditioning, have some delicious food and drink, and see an amazing fireworks show… Sold!

Overall Experience:

After dining at the Spice Road Table twice now and in two different areas of the restaurant, I would highly recommend it and we will be going back again and again.

It’s the perfect restaurant for those who are looking to try new things and experience a different culture in such a beautiful setting!

Whether you’re dining with friends and family or out on a date night, its great for everyone… the small plates are my favorite part of it because you get to try so many different dishes. Add in a nice cocktail or glass of wine and you have a pretty enjoyable evening… Even make a late dinner reservation and catch those fireworks!

Can’t wait to go back again and try more of what they have to offer – maybe some delicious baklava! 🙂


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