Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

I haven’t created a fashion post in a while so I thought I would switch things up a bit… Don’t worry – there are more NEW delicious recipes to come 🙂

It’s just about that time of year to ditch those bulky sweaters and boots for some spring wear! I wanted to share some of my favorite spring looks with you, but then I thought: why not take one piece of clothing (like this denim vest) and show how to wear it multiple ways!

I’m all about getting the most use out of something while achieving a different look every time!

I just recently purchased this denim vest from Old Navy a few weeks ago and as you can see I’m absolutely in love with it! I have 4 different ways to wear a denim vest – there are many other ways you can wear one of course, but these four are my fave 🙂

These looks range from dressy to classic to a bit trendy…

The denim vest is the perfect piece for this spring. Paired with a cute pair or shorts or even over a slip dress and you can’t go wrong!

Look #1: “Something for Those Cooler Days”

Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

There’s always going to be those few spring days that throw us off and are a bit chilly. That’s when outfits like this work perfectly!

This outfit was actual the first one I put together after I purchased the vest… I have paired it with a super soft ivory henley, grey skinnies, and a nude flip flop. It’s a classic look that you will not only feel super comfortable in, but also stylish!

All you need is a great satchel to throw over your shoulder, a cute pair of sunnies and you’re all set for day out of shopping!

pants (similar)
denim vest
top (similar)
bag (similar)

Look #2: Make it Pink!

Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

“Make it Pink”… I don’t know about you, but I was always partial to the pink dress in Sleeping Beauty (I know, I have a Disney addiction!). This dress is probably one of my favorite spring/summer dresses that I own. It’s lightweight, super feminine and above all – so darn comfy! I dressed this look up a bit with a pair of nude strappy heels, but you could easily tone it down with nude flip flops.

I actually hadn’t tried this outfit on until I took the pics (in my wonderful scenic living room… haha), but once I did I feel in love with this look! (Mostly because I love the dress so much, but by itself it’s a little dressy for everyday. Paired with this denim vest, it just gives the outfit a more “casual” look with a touch of feminine.)

dress (similar), floral option
nude heels (similar)
denim vest
sunglasses (similar), another

Look #3: Let’s Go to the Beach!

Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

Nothing says “spring time” like a good pair of white cutoffs!

Of course, they always look a little better with that spring break tan (I’m working on that… haha!). It’s such a simple yet classic look… I threw on my white cutoffs with a grey and white strip tank, denim vest, a cute bag, and some sunglasses.

It’s a great look that conveys “put together,” but effortless at the same time. This is mostly due to the fact that you most likely have all of this (or some version) in your closet.

Thats really why I did this post because we are always looking to be trendy and have the hottest “new thing”, but if you get one great piece you most likely have things in your closet that will go with it and give you multiple looks that are awesome!

As you can see, I reuse a lot of the same pieces in this post (and others)… I may not be the most “in-style” person all the time, but I like what I like and I make what I have work!

shorts (similar)
denim vest

Look #4: The Trendsetter

Spring Fashion: 4 Ways to Wear a Denim Vest

Again, don’t mind these white legs, haha… I know I live in Florida, but I’m working on getting that tan back! 🙂

This is probably one of my favorite looks out of the bunch! I threw this one together with a graphic tee (0f course it’s about coffee), high-waisted black scalloped shorts (lace shorts might look great too), a chunky necklace, black strappy heels and… the denim vest.

This is great look that you can mix and match to make more casual pair with black flats or sandals, but this dressier look is great for a night out!

The combination of the casual tee with the strappy heels and necklace gives this a very “trendy” look that will definitely make you stand out!

necklace (similar)
sunglasses (similar)
denim vest


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