The Kinobody Goddess Toning Program Review

Kinobody Goddess Toning Program

In the world of women’s fitness and dieting programs, the Goddess Toning Program from Kinobody has really set itself apart from the crowd…

When I started reading the program, I couldn’t put it down – and I’m NOT a big reader.

Because of that – and my experiences with it (which have been INCREDIBLE!), I’ve decided to write this Goddess Toning Program review to share with you exactly what this program is and what it’s all about…

So first of all, I almost felt like it was written to me! The program addressed nearly every single question and concern I had about fitness and nutrition. As women, we are always on the lookout for the next best thing – and above all: the “ANSWER”

How do we get the slim and sexy body we’ve always wanted? We watch movies and look at these women that are strong, confident, and lets face it… damn sexy.

(We all want this!)

Guess what ladies… We can have it!

Here it is – the answer to it all, and you will look and feel the way you have been wanting to forever.

I’ve been following the program myself, and here are the results I’ve been able to accomplish (in a pretty short time):

I still have a ways to go before I’m where I want to be, but let me explain the program that helped me get to where I’m currently at…

Let’s begin!

What Is The Goddess Toning Program?

The Goddess Toning Program is the newest course from Greg O’Gallagher of Kinobody. If you don’t know about Greg, you need to go over to right now.

In the past, he’s mostly focused on men’s fitness. But, he recently wrote a complete Kinobody Program specifically for women: The Goddess Toning Program.

He’s obviously in unbelievably great shape and is extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition.

Now, let’s be clear here: I’ve tried a lot of programs in the past. And while I’ve been following Greg for a while now (my husband has been using his programs and getting great results from them), the programs are more for guys than ladies.

I have to say, I’ve been dying for him to come out with a women’s program because his view on fitness and lifestyle is just what people are looking for – especially women.

(You’ll see what I mean in a minute.)

Goddess Toning Program by Kinobody(Click Here To Check It Out)

Key Takeaways From The Goddess Toning Program

As the program starts off, it really just goes in this direction of ultimately putting the responsibility on you.

This program is designed to create a total transformation, so if you’re just looking for a quick fix (which won’t last) this is NOT FOR YOU!

The benefits of learning and educating yourself on a healthy lifestyle and what works in fitness will change the way you approach this program (and a lot more). This isn’t just about looking slim and sexy (which, yeah, that doesn’t hurt). Greg tells you that it’s about accomplishing something that few ever achieve: being a strong woman and having a better quality of life.

Now is your chance to make yourself a priority and prove to yourself that you can do this!

The accountability is one of my favorite takeaways from reading this program. This isn’t the type of program that will just tell you “Do this and this 4 times a week and you’ll lose weight”…

Instead, it challenges everything you’ve ever been told about fitness and healthy eating so you can learn the truth about what works and enjoy your life.

(Basically having your cake and eating it too!)

Greg really puts things into perspective and addresses all the big issues that women have – all those misconceptions that have been drilled into our heads for years by the media and magazines.

Click here to check out the Goddess Toning Program…

How The Goddess Toning Program Compares To Other “Programs”

Some programs will just put down others. Greg does it differently. He explains what the other programs are based on and why they won’t work (and uses several studies to back it all up, too).

Seriously, you’ll wonder why you’ve been wasting time on anything else.

Here’s an example:

Remember being told forever that “carbs are the enemy”? Turns out, that’s just a myth. Depriving yourself of carbs (to name one example) will actually do more harm than good in the long run (and short run).

Carbs, fats, proteins… Everything has a distinct purpose. What I love about this program is that everything is so detailed and it explains WHY you need certain foods in your diet. I always think back to what my grandma would say – “everything in moderation” – and she was so right!

About the Goddess Workout

In this program, you’ll be doing strength training, abs training and optionally some light cardio.

Greg breaks down each exercise and tells you why it’s there and what it will do for you. More importantly (to me), he explains what kind of a look each exercise gives you – which is extremely helpful.

For example, lat pull-downs are one exercise in the program that will help contribute to the nice and slim look, giving you that look Jessica Biel has (that every woman craves).

Another one from the program is dumbbell step-ups, which can help tone your legs and booty without adding a lot of “bulk” (when you do them as Greg describes in the course)…

Here’s an example:

dumbbell stepups

I just loved this addition to the program. As a woman, I want to know why I’m doing a certain exercise and what it will do for me. On top of that, having an example of a celebrity body with that feature is awesome.

Do you want to look like Jessica Biel? Um… Ya!!!

But back to strength training…

I know the biggest concern for women is “I don’t want to be bulky”. Most of us think that if we even LOOK at a weight, we’ll get all bulky and muscular (and we don’t want that).

That was one of my concerns as well, but Greg really goes into detail about why women getting bulky from lifting weights is a myth, and that there’s really no way you COULD.

Furthermore, he educates you on the process of how to build a muscle and how that will give you look you want without ever looking bulky. Phew!

About the Goddess Diet Nutrition Plan

This is one of the things I like most about this program.

I’ve tried several other “diets” before. Weight Watchers, Flat Belly, Adkins… Heck – there were more, too.

The problem with most other diets out there is that they’re literally “DIETS”… meaning they may (or may not) work while you follow them, but they don’t set you up for long-term results. After you go off the “diet plan”, you revert back to your old eating habits because the diets were too extreme to continue, or didn’t fit well into your lifestyle.

For example, in the Flat Belly Diet, you’re eating up to 6 smaller meals throughout the day.

It’s tough making meals that frequently (especially if you work a day/night job), and worst of all – you’re miserable between meals because you’re never eating enough to feel full and satiated.

And this is exactly where the Goddess Toning Program shines.

You’ll read about this in the program (which you can check out here), but on the Kinobody nutrition plan, you eat 2 large meals and one snack each day.

Warning: this will be a huge adjustment… Cramming all your calories (even while eating in a deficit) into just 2.5 meals means you need to eat a larger quantity of food than you’re likely used to. The great thing here though is that you feel so much more full and satiated between meals – something you’re probably not accustomed to on a “diet”.

You’ll still be able to eat foods and meals you love…

In fact, several recipes on this blog are “Kinobody” meals, though you’d never suspect it. A quick search using the Kinobody tag will pull them all up.

A few of them include:

Best of all though, this nutrition program works well for everyone – whether you’re single, in a relationship (where you both want to eat healthy), or even if you’re cooking for a family. You can make meals that everyone will love, instead of having to cook separate meals for everyone.

Top Things I Took Away

Here are some of the top takeaways from reading (and USING) the Goddess Toning Program:

  • Why to strength train in the first place
  • The pros and cons of cardio training (LOTS of misconceptions here – you’re probably making a few mistakes yourself)
  • Why strength training only 3 days a week is best
  • How to have a life and be able to go out and have a few drinks every now and then without blowing your diet
  • The importance of a “Refeed day” and how to do it the right way
  • How to work chocolate into your daily plan to satisfy your sugar cravings (hey, we all have them)
  • How to eat healthy, wholesome and delicious meals (large ones too… girl’s gotta eat!)
  • Easy and convenient ways to count calories and “macros” (just use an app for this)
  • How drinking coffee in the morning helps blunt early hunger cravings

Here’s a Sneak Inside…

Goddess Toning Program Contents

This is the table of contents from the Goddess Toning Program – yep, exactly what’s inside 🙂

The entire course is incredible, but I would pay special attention to the chapter called “Why You Must Strength Train To Look Awesome In A Bikini & Your Favorite Outfit“. That’s where Greg talks all about working out and why what you’re doing right now is likely wrong.

In fact, you could be lifting weights and STILL doing it wrong (I sure was).

You’ll learn everything you need to know to tone up without bulking up… And how to get that body you’ve always wanted.

The Bottom Line

This program comes down to pushing yourself – that’s where you’re going to see the progress.

I have been doing this program for just a few weeks and have been pushing myself each time… and it’s crazy how much progress I’ve made. As a woman, when you push yourself, you really start to impress yourself.

That’s where the confidence starts to build and you begin to not worry so much about the end result – it’s the road, the process, and it all seems to become enjoyable. It’s a very empowering thing…

Pushing yourself will be the key to getting those amazing results you’ve always dreamed of.

One other thing that’s explained really well in the Goddess Toning Program is the process of lifting and how to know when to move up in weights (and why). Greg even talks about what to do once you get to where you want to be, and how to maintain that look for life.

Overall, this is a very comprehensive program for women. But fair warning: it’s going to challenge a LOT of what you think is “right”.

The nutrition concepts are different from you’ll read about in magazines and books, and the workouts will get you results faster than anything you’ve tried before.

But the first step is all on you…

If you’re sick of not getting results and need a change – one that’s proven to work – then check out the Goddess Toning Program now. I’m currently on Week 4 of the program and will be posting progress pictures after Week 12, but you can take this journey with me if you’re ready.

Click here to check out the Goddess Toning Program…


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