Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican Cord Salad - Cooking Up Happiness

With the spring/summer weather approaching, that means a lot of things – being outside more, enjoying the warmer weather, and eating different kinds of foods than what we’ve been eating over the colder winter months.

This is probably one of my favorite times of year… I love being outside and enjoying all the fresh, flavorful, and delicious food that comes along with that. From grilled, juicy burgers to crisp, tasty salads, refreshing cocktails and even some cool desserts… 🙂

We were just recently invited to a cookout and I was supposed to bring a side and/or a snack. I have been wanting to make this Mexican corn salad for a while now, and was glad I was able to. And now I can share it with you!

This Mexican Corn Salad is the perfect dish to bring to a cookout… Not only is it easy but the flavors are incredible without being too rich!

Mexican Cord Salad - Cooking Up Happiness

This dish will keep things fresh and light and will be a hit for sure! I brought it as a side to go along with the burgers we were having, but we all started eating it with tortilla chips and a beer before the meal, haha. It was delish! (I definitely recommend it that way, btw!)

TIP: Another great way to serve this dish is as a topping on tacos… whether you’re having chicken or fish, it will pair perfectly!

Mexican Cord Salad Ingredients:

2 tbsp. unsalted butter
3 cups no salt added corn
1 jalapeno, seeded and diced (leave in seeds for more heat)
3 tbsp. light mayo
1 garlic clove
3 green onions, chopped
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
juice of 1 lime
2-3 tbsp. Cotija cheese, crumbled
1/2 -1 tsp. chili powder to taste (depending on how spicy you like it)
salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large skillet, heat butter on medium heat.
  2. Add corn (stir to coat corn with butter) and cook for about 6-10 minutes, stirring occasionally getting a slight char on the corn.
  3. Add diced jalapeno, stir and continue to cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat.
  4. Add remaining ingredients to the corn and jalapeno mixture; stir until fully incorporated.
  5. Serve warm or room temp. (refrigerate any leftovers)

Mexican Cord Salad - Cooking Up Happiness

Adapted from: Closet Cooking


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