how to wear boyfriend jeans

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans (Even On A Budget)

Boyfriend jeans. We all know them. We’ve all thought about them, and wondered… “Do I, or don’t I? Are they even worth it?” I’ve wanted to do a post on…

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Top 5 Workout Pants

My Top 5 Workout Pants

When I started working out on a regular basis, I thought to myself… “I can just wear clothes that I have, I don’t need “workout clothes” – they are so expensive…

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Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

My Top 5 Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

  Fall is my favorite time of year! You have change in the weather (to that semi-cold hoodie-weather), the leaves turning gorgeous colors, the change in fashion… and of course an…

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My Take on Fashion… And Where To Begin

I’ve always had a love for everything beauty and fashion. (Come on, what girl doesn’t?) But when it comes to fashion, it seems like the trends are always changing. And…

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My Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products (That Every Girl Needs)

I have sensitive skin which has led me to try a LOT of different beauty products. At least, that’s what I tell myself. Truth is – yes I do have sensitive…

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Sharing a passion for food and fitness to live a healthy lifestyle - with the occasional hint of chocolate.

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